Is this your first massage?
Here's What to Expect?

1. Come in 10-15 minutes early to fill out a medical history form which is essential to the RMT in evaluating your needs. All information is keep confidential.

2. Patients are covered by a sheet during the entire treatment except for the area being massaged.

3. Patients are only asked to remove clothing to a level they are comfortable with. Remember, a treatment is only beneficial when you are able to relax on the table. This may mean keeping your clothes on until you are comfortable with your therapist.

4. Your therapist will have a variety of creams, lotions and oils available. If none are appropriate, you are welcome to bring your own. We do ask that it is unscented so as not to aggravate other patients sensitivities such conditions as migraines.

5. Wear minimal amounts of jewellery, as they may hinder your treatment or become damaged by the oils or lotions.

6. Avoid eating, smoking or alcoholic beverages 1/2 to 1 hour before and after a treatment as they can lead to unhealthy side effects and impair your ability to enjoy the treatment.

7. It is important to drink water before and after the treatment to keep the body and muscles well hydrated.

8. Remember to visit the washroom immediately before your massage so you are not interrrupted by the call of nature during your treatment.

9. Some patients experience some slight muscle soreness after a treatment, this is normal but should not last no more than 24 hours. If longer, please tell your therapist to help modify future treatments.



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